Leadership Skills for Women on the Rise

We provide essential skills for women leaders on the rise, through a unique program of comprehensive workshops, individualized coaching, interactions with highly successful leaders and the opportunity to build a strong network of peers from across sectors. CEOs consistently rank engaging, inspiring and growing the next generation of leaders as challenges that keep them awake at night. It’s not surprising — leading is difficult in the best of times, and we’re facing a continuing pandemic and economic uncertainty. Recruiting is expensive and too often unsuccessful. Turnover is at an all-time high, particularly with women at the executive level. Fortunately, your rising leaders may be already in-house. And with a modest investment, you can re-ignite their passion, build their leadership capacity, and shorten their learning curve. Salire promises to improve their readiness to tackle new challenges, increasing their chances of success and as the latest research indicates, provide an important incentive for them to stay.

Our Promise

Participants will learn how to:

• lead from strengths and embrace those of others to create high-performing teams
• build strategy, understanding context and risk
• master the art of listening, giving and receiving feedback
• inspire innovation
• speak powerfully and manage difficult conversations
• manage up, down and across disciplines, organizations and sectors
• drive transformational results
• navigate conflicts and manage crises
• lead with bold vision
• collaborate and engage the workforce, partners, boards, and other stakeholders
• establish a trusted network of cross-sector/cross-discipline leaders, building these relationships as peer coaches, sounding boards and lifelong friends

Our Approach

Salire’s 12 month program includes:

2 interviews with sponsors and participants to identify particular needs
6 days of interactive in-person workshops providing tools and models, personalized insights, and actionable approaches to the challenges of leadership
5 one-on-one virtual coaching sessions to apply learnings and tackle unique challenges and needs of the participant
3 two-hour virtual discussions with highly successful leaders
3 peer group sessions to address specific participant business challenges
1 closing presentation and reception with sponsors and participants

salire. [italian verb] to soar or ascend.

Meet the Consultants

In our 20 years of working together, we have delivered transformational results that matter for leaders and their organizations. Cindy Zook, as a proven leadership development expert and top strategist for global organizations, and Jenna Dorn as a successful CEO and agent of change in national public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

We know what it takes to lead with impact. Leaders must master skills more complex and nuanced than ever before. And we’ve teamed up to create a dynamic program that delivers on its name. The Italian term Salire means to soar, to ascend. Salire’s critical insights, practical tools and rich experience promise immediate and enduring benefits for high-potential leaders on their journey.


A candidate should be an executive who manages a team and occupies a mission-critical role for her organization and be nominated by the CEO or executive team member to whom she reports. The sponsor letter should describe the significant scope and/or scale of accountability of the candidate’s position, and why this individual is poised to move into a more senior role. If you are looking to enhance your leadership skills or have someone in your organization that you want to nominate as a candidate, we’d love to have a conversation with you.